Via ferrata Montenegro.

Via ferrata Kotor

Stunning view above the old mediterranean town of Kotor from the beginning of medieval time. You can shoot most beautiful images of the fjord, 28km deep in land.

Via ferrata Durmitor

Breathtaking national park with 2,523 meters highest peak of mountain Durmitor. Stunning views, stunning track, stunning greenery. A life time experience!

For Tour Operators

We had successful orginized tours for families and larger groups. We offer lots of flexibility to adjust the program depending of weather and other conditions.


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via ferrata Kotor.

Via ferrata Kotor is located in the vicinity of the Old Town, 250m from Vrata na Tabačini, the second rock after the Water Supply System (Vodovod) (5min walk from the Main Door).

The ferrata is 200m long and 150m height, graded as moderately difficult to difficult (B/C).  There are two benches on the ferrata that can be used for taking photos and taking a break, with a view overlooking the entire Old Town of Kotor, the Bay of Kotor, the Port of Kotor, as well as the old Austrian road to Cetinje.

The whole adventure lasts for about 2 hours.

via ferrata Durmitor.

It is located in the vicinity of the road crossing over the mountain pass Sedlo,  1907m. It takes about 10 minute walk from the parking lot to the ferrata start. Ferrata length is around 400m, the height difference is 230m, and is graded as moderately difficult to difficult – B/C. There are two benches on the ferrata that offer an excellent view to Sedlo and Stozina. From the top of the ferrata, namely from the top of Uvita greda you can see the entire Durmitor: Sljeme 2455m , Bobotov kuk 2523m, Bezimeni vrh 2487m, Prutas 2393m, Terzin bogaz 2303m, Zupci 2309m, Sedlena greda 2227m, Sareni pasovi 2248m.

This ferrata is made at the highest altitude compared to the surrounding countries and is one of the highest ones in Europe.

The adventure lasts for about 2 hours.

Via Ferrata Montenegro.

Via Ferrata or iron path is a route in the rocks with fixed steel ladder and safety ropes installed, enabling the safe climbing. Via ferrata was originally developed in the First World War for the needs of the troops in the Dolomites. Nowadays it represents a genuine tourist attraction since it is located in the most attractive areas. The iron path, as it is also called, is intended to everyone keen on rock climbing but lacking the previous mountaineering experience. The first step to mountaineering, since the feeling is the same, is to be high up on the rocks and feel safe since you are secured by the steel rope at any time.

Climbing on Via Ferrata is perfectly safe but demands a certain physical engagement and physical abilities of climbers. The climbers are expected to be of normal physical abilities and health.  The climbing is not possible for climbers weighting more than 120kg and the juveniles will also need a parents’ written consent, if they are not present. It is not recommended to people with fear of height, heart or breathing problems.

Equipment used in via ferrata shall be certified and attested by relevant institutions, such as The International Climbing and Mountaineering Federation (Union International des Associtions d'Alpinisme -UIAA). The equipment designed and made for the respective purposes shall solely be used.